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John Zink Company


Process Burners

Process Burners
Unparalleled Burner Performance

HALO Multistage Process Burners - ultra-low NOx emissions and dramatic performance improvements - all from one burner.  Easy to retrofit – HALO burners require an appreciably smaller tile than conventional low-NOx burners.  More compact flame envelope, wide operating flexibility, low noise and extreme turndown ratios.


John Zink flares


John Zink’s state–of-the-art flare solutions help our customers operate efficiently while minimizing utility costs. 


Steamizer XP steam-assisted flare minimizes smoke and reduces steam consumption.  Lower operating costs. Lower installation costs.


John Zink thermal oxidizer

Thermal Oxidizers

With more than 2,300 thermal oxidation systems in service worldwide, John Zink is the proven leader in hazardous and non-hazardous organic waste incineration.

Our innovative systems safely and effectively incinerate a wide variety of hazardous industrial wastes, helping you reduce emissions and comply with stringent environmental regulations.


Visit the John Zink website: http://www.johnzink.com



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