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About Us

Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana, Inc. is a regional representative for Industrial Heat Exchangers. Formed in 1994, our territory includes all of Louisiana and the southern half of Mississippi. We represent the finest fabricators of heat transfer and process equipment in the industry, providing both standard units and custom designs.

We’re already acquainted with your people, processes and priorities.


Heat Transfer Specialists of LA has worked with the Louisiana and Mississippi Process Industries over the last two decades on a myriad of heat transfer applications. We are a trusted partner in meeting the needs of our clients. Our products and services are provided to, but are not limited to the following types of clients:

  • Refineries, Chemical Manufacturing Plants

  • Systems Integrators, Engineering Firms

  • Power Generation Facilities, Paper Mills

  • Government Facilities, Food Processing Plants

Our experience and knowledge of heat transfer solutions.

Heat Transfer Specialists of LA has experience with local industries in maximizing heat recovery, and determining the optimum design for balancing Energy, Maintenance, and Installation Costs. We are not only familiar with the heat transfer and recovery issues, but also the site-specific conditions and constraints.

In the process of offering recommendations for maximizing heat recovery and balancing Energy, Installation, and Maintenance Costs, we have built relationships with project managers, engineers and field personnel.

Why choose Heat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana as a Trusted Advisor?

We have many reasons to believe HTS-LA can be a trusted advisor from the beginning to the end of your project. These reasons include our:

  • Experience and knowledge of local industry heat recovery needs and applicable product options.

  • The Manufacturers we represent are the finest in the industry. We team with them to insure the optimum solution and product is developed to meet our clients need.

  • Existing relationships and project experience with local industries.



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